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Lesbians gravitated to Kings Heath


Barbara and Bridget live in . Barbara said “I’ve lived in , or since my second or third year in university, which is the area most lesbians gravitate to be with others of the same kind, lots of feminists, lesbians and left wing people. Then, house prices weren’t the issue, lots of professionals were in a position to buy, a lot of large Victorian properties, where shared residents could live together and take over a house, e.g. dykes, and literally a few , some lent themselves well to turning into flats or in the case of lesbians, shared houses. A lot of socialising went on this side of the city, but those in Handsworth or Bearwood felt very isolated as they had to get at least two buses. You couldn’t guarantee it but you could expect someone in the neighbourhood who would help you, and had similar values”.

Barbara said when she lived in a flat in and “A woman was attacked in the street late at night and everyone came out and helped her, in a very mixed neighbourhood. There was a great racial mix, and a lot of unemployment but on the whole it worked well”.

Contributed by: Barbara Carter, 53, Bridget Malin, 62

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