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Birmingham localities and the gay population

Gays are everywhere. There is no doubt that, representing 6% of the population, at 2008 levels, some 60,000 gay people live within the boundaries alone. But there is evidence that, once lesbians and gay men can exert some element of choice over where they live, they may favour some areas over others. Once there is known to be a preponderance in an area, or in some cases a particular street or even tower block, there may be an accelerated growth or even 'ghettoisation'.

This is of course a more recent phenomenon (perhaps since the 70s). Initially areas of cheap housing may have been a deciding factor; later, proximity to the growing area; now, with the growth of the pink pound, particularly for gay men, perhaps a move towards stylish living.

A number of specific areas in Birmingham have been highlighted by contributors.


There is evidence that many gay men have a preference for city centre living in proximity to the gay village that has emerged in the B5 area. Within this area, Cleveland and Clydesdale Towers at Holloway Head are popular and fondly known as .

The southern tract of the city based around the A435 as it passes through Balsall Heath, Moseley and Kings Heath. Initially popular with political and bohemian types, the area naturally attracted lesbians and gay men, and later gained a reputation as such.

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