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Not wanting to get married


Jean talks about the expectation and , get married and have children, like other girls her age. She turned 16 in 1951.

"I grew up in very deprived circumstances, very working class home, back streets of Birmingham and I should say that all of my peer group girls were married by about sixteen because they were pregnant. Thatís why people got married then because they were pregnant, it wasnít much to do with love or anything else, and I knew that I didnít want do any of that. I didnít want to be married and I didnít want to have children. I used to think to myself 'Iíd quite like to be a widow' without any of the stuff in between. All the kudos about being a young woman then was about marriage and that was the expectation. So I wouldnít have thought I was gay".

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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