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Lesbians' attitudes to children


Betty: “In Birmingham I don’t think was an issue, like in London. I remember noticing when I moved up from to Birmingham that in London there were things like the Women’s Arts Alliance which wouldn’t even allow newborn boys in because they said it changed the atmosphere. Anyway, there were divisions in the London lesbian community that existed rather less in Birmingham, purely because of numbers, I think. Because there was the , there weren’t enough of us to allow political differences to stop you from playing pool with somebody or whatever. Lesbians generally were not keen on lesbians with children at that point. There was a fair amount of hostility I think”.
G: “There weren’t very many lesbians with children, and I was also a lot older than a lot of the people anyway, just from being in my early thirties, I was old”.
B: "I was in my twenties. We used the big room in Barbie’s old flat to meet in for a group of with children. But some of the women were so hostile to their own children, women who had come out of difficult marriages, who were very much saying ‘I no longer wish to know my children, that is part of a different life’. And I just remember being really uncomfortable with that. But at the I remember children being quite acceptable”.

Contributed by: Gill Coffin, 63, Betty Hagglund, 50

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