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Lesbians choosing to have children


ďThere were very few lesbians who became pregnant through donor insemination) in the 70s and 80s but later on it became quite a feature, I know quite a few thatís had kids. A friend has a story of cycling around with a test tube in her armpit. It doesnít matter whether itís , I canít be doing with some of the sense that they have a hard time. Several women I work with say that the big divide is not women and men any more, it's men and women who have kids, and men and women who havenít, and that may well be true, because those women canít work the same patterns as we can. I think íYou decided to get normal, go and get on with ití Ė not very sympathetic!Ē

Contributed by: Trisha McCabe, 51

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