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Pink triangles at the Peace Centre - 1981-4


"circa 1981-1984 - the indie/hippy/lefty '' Shop at the back of what is now the Pavilions Shopping Centre would sell , Square Peg, Spare Rib, along with books. Later (I think) they had Pink Paper, although I could be remembering wrongly, perhaps it closed by the time of Pink Paper?  In the window they would have badges, inc. 'We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About' and 'pink triangle' badges.  I guess that was about all they could get away with displaying in a public shop window, in the climate of the early 1980s.  If one wanted a better selection of books one went to the peace shop in Leamington Spa (a similar bookshop to the one in Birmingham, but larger), the huge Compendium in Camden Town (London). Mail order was, of
course, rather risky while living with parents.  The Birmingham central reference library, by the early 1990s, also had a small section of lesbigay books on the shelves (although for reference only)." Ref:

Contributed by: Dick

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