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Joining the Quakers


Gill and Betty were both since they were in their late teens, long before they got together.

Gill: I joined the because my parents were both pacifists, my father was a conscientious objector but they were Church of England and I found the attitude on pacifism and war to be quite un-Christian really so was looking for something else and so ended up with who were a very visible presence on all these CND marches I used to go on as a teenager and young adult, so thats how I came to it, it wasnt anything to do with sexuality at that time. I drifted away for a few years but came back to them.
Betty: Id been involved with Quakers a little bit in the States because that was the time of the Vietnam war and I had been involved in the conscientious objection side of things. When I first came to London, I started to attend meetings in 69.

Contributed by: Gill Coffin, 63, Betty Hagglund, 50

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