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Body Positive Crashed Spectacularly


"They decided to move because the building was under-used and due to a rent renewal they decided to move premises to by St.Chads Cathedral in the beginning of 1995.

"The building had lots of potential but needed a lot of work "I said this will test people's commitment as to whether they want to make it work, rather than them having it handed to them on a plate, which George Street was."

"When Body Positive moved to Princip Street, Ray the chairman had to stand down to look after his partner, I was no longer working for the Health Authority so became a trustee. In September 1995 we had twelve board members but by November we were down to four as three of the trustees were being so abusive and tyrannical in the way they ran the organisation.

"The group had been given an 85,000 , some to refurbish the building and some to appoint a fundraiser. The group could not pay the rent and ended up surrendering about 80,000 of the groups assets to the landlords. The group of three then sent nasty letters to members of saying they were responsible for the group's debts. Body Positive crashed spectacularly at the end of 1995."

Ray and Tom later founded

Contributed by: Tom Matthews, 60

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