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Simon Brook Obituary


The following obituary appeared in Bulletin, November 1992.

Simon was only 23 when he died of an AIDS related illness, highlighting the devastating impact the disease was having on the gay community.

On Tuesday 27th October staff at the Life Line heard of the sudden death of Simon Brooks earlier that morning at the age of 23.
Apart from being one of our most active and enthusiastic volunteers, Simon was also very much loved by the staff and volunteers here and at other HIV agencies in the city.
Adding to the shock of his death is the knowledge that Simon always had a bubbling appetite for life which was married to a determination to put all his considerable energies into getting the most out of life.

Simon was generous with his energy and enthusiasm - perhaps to a degree which meant he had little left for himself on occasion. He was a pleasure to work with not least because he had considerable knowledge of his subject - something not always recognised by a few who resented any challenge to their so-called expert status.
For this reason Simon initially found it difficult to get work in HIV prevention - a strong ambition since his own HIV+ diagnosis whilst still in his teens.

Eventually he impressed South Birmingham Health Authority enough to be given a particularly sensitive position as a Primary Health Care Facilitator working with GPs on HIV/AIDS issues and, despite his comparative youth, made significant progress with a group of people notoriously resistant to change. Simon was happy in his work despite the current funding and structural uncertainties although he complained, in common with many of us, about those who cared more about the own status or career than HIV prevention.

His relationships were, perhaps, less successful. He rarely experienced that unconditional love he really wanted and deserved and this, more than anything, was a source of sadness in his life.
Simon will be sorely missed by his family, colleagues and those of us fortunate enough to be counted among his friends.

Contributed by: AIDSlifeline newsletter, 16

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