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The Gay Education Group


“GLF had various sub-groups, one of which was the Gay Education Group. It was the longest lasting and later on as GLF petered out the continued. Its main function was to educate. It did an awful lot over the years, we did talks at colleges, anywhere we could get into in fact. Also remarkably given the subsequent hysteria about Clause 28 we got into schools, unofficially the headmasters would let us in and we would talk to fifth and sixth formers about being gay. We would just turn up and say, ‘We are gay.’ We had some challenging questions. We also talked to social workers or trainee teachers. An awful of people had not met a gay person who did not feel utterly miserable or sick and we were out and proud. It was quite revelatory to people. The gay Education group took over campaigning from GLF when this petered out in 1977.”

Contributed by: Malcolm Gibb, 58

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