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GLF in Schools


did make some presentations in local schools, which brought the group to the attention of the local press and the national press. “I think we advertised in the local press, we were quite keen to advertise our presence and we would advertise in papers like the Birmingham Mail. I give you three scenarios of going to a school. The first was ; the and the stalked us. It was fine though and we were talking in what would now be PSHE, personal and sexual health education. It went very well and we had two repeats in other schools as a result. We also gave a similar presentation to what is now called Relate, (formerly the Marriage Guidance Council), in Rugby and we were involved in there two or three times. We were keen to go up and engage with other organisations.”

Nick talks about the reaction of the sixth formers “They were very serious, and they asked very direct questions about what we did sexually, about how we coped with oppression. None of them made any declarations; how could they. But they were interested in a humanistic way, trying to unstereotype us. We were treated really well.”

Contributed by: Nick Stanley, 63

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