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Lesbians have poorer health


"The group undertook a questionnaire survey, aiming to get a representative sample of around 350 women, which proved very difficult. Lesbians were recruited to complete the questionnaire at pubs, clubs, after walks, at etc. Some spoilt their questionnaires, and I suspect 2 or 3 filled it in while they were on drugs!" Unfortunately the group lacked the expertise to analyse and write the findings up, so the questionnaires just remained unanalysed. In 2006 Catherine spent a weekend entering and analyse the results on SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Scientists). She compared the results with two other surveys of lesbian health, and they are now being published in a journal.

“The survey found that lesbians smoke three times as much as women in the general population, have twice the alcohol-related problems and twice the mental-health related problems. Compared with other surveys of women’s health, you find that other general health indicators are poorer, lesbians are likely to have higher death rates”.

Contributed by: Catherine M, 47

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