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Glamourous a hit


Pedroís idea was to create it theatre style with stage, curtains and lighting. They got the keys on Monday, closed for three days and did a complete refit, ripped out seating booths, put in the DJ station, extended the stage, added new lights. They had a VIP pre-launch on Thursday and opened to the public on Friday. Their initial plan was a member of staff to meet and greet and give table service, which obviously didnít happen Ė they ended up with a payroll of fifteen! Paul said gained a reputation for putting on good shows of a high standard with go-go dancers. It took off very fast, they hadnít envisaged how successful it would be. There would be queues to get in because of the shows. It attracts a more mixed crowd, especially at weekends, but is billed as a gay venue that welcomes everyone so long as everyone respects everyone else. Itís in between Oceania and the Hippodrome, so there are a lot of people passing. Itís an obviously gay bar.

Contributed by: Paul & Pedro

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