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Domeophobia ?


The following article shows the level of ignorance and prejudice shown towards the gay community at the height of the AIDS crisis.

'In the Pink' September 1987

After a year of in Birmingham, the new manager of the Dome Mr David Cahill, has decided to end the successful discos. Although the discos were just once a. month Mr Cahill said the Dome now had a reputation for attracting homosexuals. He also claimed that having a gay night had upset Birmingham people and affected the Dome's other trade. Fear of seems to be at the root of this homophobic stance.

Mark Bestell, from AIDS lifeline, West Midlands, said: "There is no way any one can be infected with AIDS by just being in the same room or drinking out of the same glass as somebody who has the disease."
"It is tragic that the Dome had to make this decision because of pressure put on by people who don't have a full knowledge of the problem."

The future of "Bolts at the Dome" is not clear. Nicky Price, the promoter of Bolts is looking for a new venue in Birmingham. More details from Gay Switchboard and us next month.

Contributed by: In The Pink, 21

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