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A straight lad in Tin Tins


"Then through various people that we met then we started going to other clubs, , or some of the bars, on Smallbrook Queensway. I don't know if you'd categorise it () as a gay bar, but there were certainly gay and lesbian members of staff and clientele and was a pre-club bar for .

45When I first went (to ), that was the most visible sort of experience of a gay club, I remember walking in, to the top of the stairs, there was a cage with people dancing in it, a lad dancing in it with his top off and wearing a pair of hot-pants and a feather boa, I'd never seen anything like that, and although I was a little bit taken aback, it illustrated quite quickly to me that it was a place where people could be themselves and have a good time."

Contributed by: Mark1, 30

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