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The Windmill to Partners


The became a gay bar. Near there was a couple of places that were notorious. “The roof of the car park opposite was a rabid place for queens. The rent boys would hang on the steps of the car park. They could see Queensway behind them, the full length of Station Street all the way down to the Cottage. They had an easy escape onto Suffolk Street if the police came round.”

The Windmill then became The Pit. After a couple of exchanges of ownership, jinks got the chance to manage it. He asked his two friends, and to join him and establish ‘ Bar’. “We made an agreement that if two of the three turned on the other one that the one would get 50% of the business in a pay off. I was the one and it happened eighteen months down the line not eight or nine years as we had expected.”

Contributed by: John Jeffries aka jinks, 60

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