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Pat, you were one in a million!


I was Pat's partner for seven years, for my sins. I've never met such a complex character in all my life and life with Pat was the scariest and most exhilarating rollercoaster you could ever go on! Pat was a party animal - so much it so it ruined his health, but by God! did he have a great time ruining it! He was the perpetual clown - always laughing and joking and trying to put a smile on people's faces. He loved and lived for FUN! But beneath that he was an extremely intelligent, warm, kind person, a romantic dreamer who longed to be free of the drudgery and hardship that like can sometimes bring. To Pat, life was an adventure that just had to be lived no matter what perils befall the path. Pat had such an amazing character that either loved or hated him and either way he challenged you NOT to like him! Growing up gay as a 2nd generation African Caribbean male in Birmingham in the 60's and 70's must have been difficult but when it came to his sexuality he did not compromise and I feel his contribution the Birmingham's gay scene was that he showed people that you can break out of box and define yourself how you want to be, not how others see you. Camp Black Gay Feminine Strong Male Mad Bad and dangerous to know and funny as f**k to boot...the only labels Patrick liked were designer! Although he's gone I still feel that Birmingham is infused with his party-hard spirit and that he laid some of the foundations for the current gay scene. Pat is somebody that will never be forgotten. I still have our beautiful pug dogs Rob & Bella that graced the bars of Hurst Street to remind me of him, although poor Arnie passed away and Rob is really old now. I dream about him regularly, sometimes it makes me sad knowing I'll never see him again, though he came to me in a dream a few weeks ago - he was wearing black vinyl hot pants and a matching top and said "Bab, I'm working as a go-go dancer in heaven!" I woke up with such a smile on my face the next day! I love Pat..take it easy.

Contributed by: ardubbelyoo, 39