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Out of the Shadows


" was a group exhibition organised in 2006 by David Viney and curated by Rob Gibb, and shown at five separate venues in Birmingham between May and June 2007. Its primary aim was that of drawing together and showcasing emerging and existing artists from the gay community in Birmingham.

The rationale for choosing venues to show work, were as diverse as the works themselves. These were, BBC Birmingham, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Prowler Stores, Selfridges and ABplus.

The range and diversity of artists submissions was very broad indeed, and the selection process, although time consuming was ultimately rewarding. The emerging themes form the broad generic umbrella that was '', were mainly about the 'human condition', 'absence & loss' and notions of universal truths that most of humanity, irrespective of gender, race, and sexuality seemed to want to understand.

The event was promoted by and without their support, endeavour and encouragement it is unlikely that this event would have been possible. The organisers decided that the ideal time to stage such an event was over a five week period, culminating at Birmingham . Indeed the 'opening' event was designed to coincide with Pride weekend, and was overwhelmingly successful."

Contributed by: Rob Gibb, 43

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