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Lack of disabled access c2007


Trevor, who is and uses a wheelchair, talks about the lack of disabled access c.2007
Trevor states, ďEven now there are only three or four venues that are accessible to me. I canít get into , The or . I can get into The now, ten years after the , but 70% of venues are still not accessible. The toilets are a joke. ís disabled toilets double up as the drag queens dressing room and you have to wrestle with frocks. You canít just go to the toilet discreetly, you have to go to the bar and ask for the key, they come with you to take stuff out. You may as well have a big sign saying ĎIím going to the toiletí. I canít think of a single gay venue, other than the , Aston (closed in 1986) and the Powerhouse gay night (ceased 1990s), which ticked all the boxes. The is probably the most accessible with a toilet and a lift, though there have been times when the lift didnít work; I can get into but itís not ideal. There are still a lot of people whose needs are not being met. The should provide encouragement, incentives and funding to venues to make them accessible. Similarly

Contributed by: Trevor Sword, 50

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