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Attitudes to disability in the 1980s


Attitudes to disability in the 1980s
Trevor, who is severely and uses a wheelchair says “Attitudes were very different twenty years ago both to being gay and . We’ve moved on. The reaction to me as a disabled gay man has not been easy. It would have taken longer had it not been for the , (Aston). Just because you’re a member of one oppressed group doesn’t mean that you’re not perfectly capable of oppressing others. We all do it. It’s no different for gay men and disabled people. I remember feeling very uncomfortable on the commercial gay scene because of people staring.

An example of the attitudes was, after I‘d been part of the gay community in Birmingham for some time, a group of us gays had gone to the , and while I’d gone for a dance, a guy had asked another of my friends ‘Is Trevor gay?’. My friend couldn’t believe it, and asked him, ‘Why else would Trevor be here, going to the Community Centre etc?’.! It had clearly never dawned on that guy that disabled people could have a sexuality.”

Contributed by: Trevor Sword, 50

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