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Documenting the Queer Community


Sally Payne talks about documenting trans and gay life through her photography.

Sally has been taking photos since she was ten years old, encouraged by her stepfather she has always studied and enjoyed it. When her marriage ended and she was living on her own again she brought a brand new digital SLR camera and began to document the trans community. "Trans people love being photographed, it enables us to chart our progress for one thing. And there is also the narcissistic part of us that say look at me, I don't dress like this not to be noticed. I personally like to dress pretty and look nice. Photographing trans people is no problem whatsoever." Sally has become well known in the trans community and has exhibited as part of the exhibition during Pride 2007. She has also had four photographs exhibited at Tate Modern.

Documenting the Queer Community

Sally says that documenting the world around her is the most interesting aspect of her photography and as she is part of Birmingham's queer community she enjoys photographing events, like . "The last three Birmingham Prides, The Birmingham and numerous functions. I have also been the official photographer for the annual Midlands trans get together."

Contributed by: Sally Payne, 40

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