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Cottage Con Cop


The following article from '', published in March 1990, highlights the risks taken by gay men who cottaged. This article discusses a man pretending to be a policeman and preying on vulnerable men for financial and sexual gain.


Cottagers in Birmingham report a man claiming to be a police officer extorting money, and some times sex, from them. The man is described as being in his 30's, approximately 5' 10", moustache, brown hair with a "basin cut", brown eyes. He is also described as looking a little "rough" and well built, if slightly chubby. His manner has been variously described as being "confident, cocky, and more than a little threatening".
The man propositions people in cottages as they take a walk to "somewhere quieter" he claims to be a police officer, working with a second officer who is supposedly following at a discreet distance. Instead of arresting the cottager the "policeman" offers to relieve them of some money (10 if unemployed, 30 if working). Occasionally the "policeman" will have sex with his victim. Although we have no reports that he has used violence, or even directly threatened violence, his manner is such that few people have escaped without giving him money. On occasion he has hinted that if you don't deal with him then his fellow officer may want to have sex with you, the inference being that the sex will be unpleasant and unsafe.
At no time has this man produced a police warrant card or any other IJD. The second officer that he claims to be working with has yet to be seen. His description fits that of a man running the same extortion racket reported in last October's In The Pink.
If you have been approached by this man please drop us a line or phone switchboard where your calls will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Contributed by: In The Pink, 21

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