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Thoughts on the Nightingale 2002-7


By November/December 2005 I was coming to Birmingham every Saturday night. I used to leave Worcester on the night and try to get into The Gale (Nightingale) before 10p.m. when it was free. I would spend all night in The Gale then get the first bus home back to Worcester again. Iíd be in The Gale from 11 o clock in the evening till about 5 or 6 in the morning and just dance as much as possible and make a complete and utter fool of myself on stage. I used to come on my own. I just didnít care. Iím going to be myself and I donít care who knows about it. I was a bit out loud and proud. Iíd had all my teenage years stored up did it all in my early twenties instead.Ē

Comparison of the Nightingale from 2002 to 2007

When Becky first went to the Nightingale in 2002 she recalls ďEverybody was just kind of like really happy. It has changed a bit. People seem to be more imagey these days than they were. People didnít give a shit basically about what they looked like much so long as you were having a laugh then you were sexy and it didnít matter too much that you had the designer top on or if you looked really good in those jeans or not. Lots of alternative people not just kind of sceney people all the time. More individuals thatís why I didnít mind going on my own. Then, there werenít so many straight people there. You wouldnít see lads in there. Not so many groups of people. Now I see lots of groups of people going out now, like hen nights even gay hen nights. Iíve seen straight people going in the Nightingale more. Iíve seen fag hags, women who go along in their little heels as they see gay men as some kind of fashion accessoryĒ.

Contributed by: Becky Tebbett, 27

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