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The internet and other media

Jamie "I met my first man on Teletext. When I first started using the I planned to meet someone at a Virgin Megastore in Bristol and he never turned up so that put me off the whole thing. When I came for the interview in Birmingham I used the Internet and ended up having coffee at Angels which was my first ever experience of Hurst Street. I started off using the Internet again and it was all exciting and new, I did quite well and managed to meet people at clubs through the Internet. I used and virginchat and met a few people. I've used it for years now and feel I'm a chat master.

We're quite open in our relationship but I'm wary who I meet, it's a lot easier to pick men up these days and you've got to be very careful. It's just a new cruising ground really. There are a handful of people that do want to make friends, it was well worth logging on because I made some good friends, and without it I wouldn't have met my best friend and wouldn't have found Dan or anyone else. Dan got quite scared when I was chatting to him but eventually I met him through a friend.

A lot more people have signed up to the Internet over the last few years, it's the whole attitude of being why I'm on it, what it's about and what does it mean. Nowadays I'm a lot more concerned about what I see on the chat service. Initially I was very inexperienced so I wonder how those people using it now think about it. I feel people are on there just for sex and they're a lot less honest, you could be anyone..

Contributed by: Jamie, 37

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