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So smoky you could barely see !!


"A little way down the street that was Snow Hill, on the right hand side, was a barbers shop and if you were in the know, you could go there after the pubs closed at ten. Outwardly the place would be in darkness having closed say about 5.30 pm. but a discrete knock gained admittance, and at the far end of the shop part of the counter was hinged back disclosing a steep flight of steps into what I believe was part of an old sewer. A brick tunnel, maybe 35ft in length, a more recent flat brick wall at one end, a flat floor of wooden boards with a sort of 'hollow' feeling, roughly 14ft across. It was known as "The Jungle" It was oppressively hot, so smoky you could barely see from one end to the other, music came from a big record player, and one drank mostly coffee (Espresso) or the weakest of shandy's. The company was mixed, but tolerant."

Contributed by: Ada

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