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Police Raid Gay Hotel


This article from 'In The Pink', April 1987, shows the level of police activity against the gay community and the lengths the police would go to to obtain convictions relating to minor crimes.


In October 1986 two policemen posing as a couple stayed
the night at a Birmingham gay guest house. Sitting on the sofa holding hands they watched several hours of recently
videoed T.V programmes, until they eventuality badgered the landlord into showing them some gay porn videos.
After eating a "romantic" meal prepared by the landlord they retired to their room, insisting on a double bed. They stayed for one night only. But for three months later they constantly phoned him asking for a copy of their favorite "steamy video" Reluctantly he agreed and a copy was collected by a "friend" in December.

The next day twelve policemen officers arrived to investigate breaches of the Licensing Act, Obscene Publications Act and, of course, the Prevention of Terrorism Act. They alleged that the landlord sold them food and drink without a license and that he failed to keep adequate records in contravention of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The officers also claimed that he broke the law by showing the 'videos in a public place'.

This has been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions to check if they can proceed with a prosecution.
"They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel", said the solicitor who is representing the landlord.
Surely with rising crime rates and police complaints of understaffing there must be better ways of using police time and energy than pursuing victimless crimes.

Contributed by: In The Pink, 21

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