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Kerb Crawling Song by Rubyfruit, late 70s


The by

"We were all living in at the time which may have been relevant because this song was all about kerb crawlers and it was:

ďUnderneath a street light waiting for a bus,
Along comes a creepy guy to have a look at us.
Come for a ride in my great big car, my place ain't far,
You really are desperate for a man, love, so and try your luck.
I told him very nicely just where he ought to go,
but he kept on persisting, he would not take a no.
Iíve got your number, you filthy swine, why donít you climb back to the slime.
In case you hadnít noticed, Iím happy on my ownĒ.

That one never got performed because we never came up with a good third verse."

Contributed by: Betty Hagglund, 50

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