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Going to the Steering Wheel


"I went to gay clubs through 1995 - 2001 and later intermittently to a gay bar. I first started going to gay pubs around my eighteenth birthday - my first experience was at the , which used to be on just opposite the main entrance to the Centre. It was a regular Friday night called , promoted by two people, one who was quite prominent within the gay community, a big colourful character called Pat. It was the first time I'd ever seen a drag queen, a character called , who was on the door. As a straight lad who hadn't had much experience, I wasn't shocked or scared, but a bit curious about what was going to be inside this club if this person is on the door!"

"We'd gone (to SLAG at ) purely because we'd been on a Saturday which was straight, and we thought we'd try it on a Friday. We ended up going every Friday for virtually three years afterwards. We met various people there, all different sexualities. Even though it was named , (straight, lesbian and gay), there was probably a higher percentage of straight people, though there was a strong gay presence. That was the first time I consciously spoke to people who were gay."

Contributed by: Mark1, 30

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