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Gay Centre Closes


“The Gay Centre ran for about three years, until the lease came to an end, there were problem with dilapidations and whether we would be stung to repair the premises. We closed it there so it would not peter out.”

“There are six terraced houses nearby and there was a little problem with one of the occupants who complained about the noise but this was not the reason for closure which was more to do with not wanting to take on another lease as they didn’t want to be responsible for the repairs. We had an astute treasurer who built up a good reserve. When a new was opened in Aston, mostly taken on by a group of lesbians, (thinking that if women were more involved in organising it then it may take a different direction), most of this money went into taking on the lease. It wasn’t in an ideal position and failed to do well and subsequently closed. It had its time.”

Contributed by: Malcolm Gibb, 58

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