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Editing In The Pink


Lyn became involved in producing the Lesbian and Gay Community Centre’s newsletters. “They published a newsletter to update members about fundraising and so on and they used to have a Roneo duplicator, to run off a thousand or so copies - some were distributed around the scene. When the moved to 291 Corporation Street in 1984 it started to produce a printed newsletter, it was typed and hand pasted and it was quite laborious to produce. When the Centre folded in 1987 the newsletter continued in the name of ‘’ with a hardcore of 6 or 7 individuals and 10 or so others. This monthly newsletter was sent to all gay venues in the West Midlands with a print run of 2,500 paid for by advertising of the commercial venues and some of the social groups. It varied from 4 pages to 12 pages, contained listings of pubs & clubs and social organisations. The ‘In the Pink’ people were running out of steam so in 1987 I tried to take up an Enterprise scheme and get it out fortnightly. We produced In the Pink on a BBC B computer – the first major home computer. We would paste it up in A3 size and take it to a reprographic bureau to get it reduced to A4 size and we got it printed at a trade union resource centre in Digbeth. Switchboard operators would then collate the printed pages and fold it. I managed to do this on and off for about 3 years (until around 1990) before being finally driven out of business as it simply wasn’t profitable.”

Contributed by: Lyn David Thomas, 47

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