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Alcohol Abuse in the gay community


Tony and Malcolm reported that research shows that substance misuse and depression tends to be higher in the gay community. They talk of the prevalence of outlets to buy alcohol in gay communities locally and worldwide.

“American research found that in San Francisco, in a suburb that was predominantly gay, the city council had sanctioned 5 retail outlets for alcohol, when in fact there were actually 52 thriving outlets.”

“Published figures tend to show that both gay men and gay women drink more heavily and with a higher percentage approaching reckless or dangerous levels than in the straight community”.

“A lot of gay people, unless they are very well integrated into themselves and society, feel excluded. Alcohol is an easy route to escape these feelings of exclusion, also in order to meet and socialise with other gay people, the whole of orientation of the gay scene will take you to a bar. Apart from that alcohol or some other drug will help people who become disinhibited.”

Tony said “The notion of coming out of safety into a public gay life is an intimidating step and once that has been overcome, I don’t know if there’s any research for this, it’s just my experience, once that’s been overcome with the enormous assistance of alcohol the habit will have been implanted.”

Contributed by: LGBT Alcohol Support Group, 4

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